Jan 05 2014

Reflections on a Snowy Day

The new year is starting out strong in the mid-west with Mother Nature letting us know who is in charge. This is the first of a few days of record low temperatures.  There was little excuse for not being informed.  Every newscast leading up to the weekend has told us what to do:  Buy groceries to get ready to stay in (and eat), fill up the car’s tank with gas (but don’t plan on going anywhere), the list goes on and on.

I was able to have a small dinner party last night for a couple of close friends, even in the face of the snow starting.  We used the occasion to have great conversation over bowls of vegetable beef soup and some good cheese.  I think spending time with friends over soup warms the soul as well as the tummy.

As I put away the special dishes from the dinner today, I noticed several things in the “party closet” that I don’t use or need. That led to a quick cleaning of three shelves.  More items going to the basket to take to the BroMenn Thrift Shop.  I keep a basket in the garage and when it is full, it goes in the car to drop off.  In exchange I get a form to list the items that I gave, the likely value, and my tax preparer likes that.

There is still too much chocolate in the house.  I’m pacing myself.  I’ve given some to neighbors and allow myself 1-2 pieces a day.  Hiding it doesn’t work as I will forget it and then it gets too old to be really good. That is a real waste. I can waste some things but not chocolate.


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