Jul 09 2016

Why It is Essential To Organize Your Records NOW

Have you ever lost a paper, something that was really important, and you are sure you put it in some place secure but you can’t find it? You look and look, to no avail. Eventually, you find it and you vow to get better organized so this doesn’t happen again.

Now imagine you are looking for a paper that belonged to someone else, and you don’t even know for sure it exists but you hope so. It would be really helpful to find their records as so much is depending on it. That happens every day as family members have to step in when someone is unable to manage their affairs or they have passed without telling others about their personal, home, or financial business.

I’m a widow who has always managed the financial affairs for my husband and me. A few years ago, I began to think about the point when I, myself, could no longer manage my affairs. That might be years away, or it could be next week. That prompted me to assemble key pieces of information that my family will need to know.

The process began small and, as often happens with projects like this, I kept thinking of other things my family should know. It has culminated in a 2 inch, three-ring binder, with pocket dividers for 32 topics in what I call the Grab and Go book, a reference guide for my family.

The most important step has been reviewing the book with my family NOW, while there is no crisis. We go over it at least annually to make sure my family knows what I’m doing and why. While I talk about “family”, the person you ask to be prepared to step in may not be your family at all, but a trusted friend.

I’m now urging others to get organized. I hold seminars teaching people what to consider assembling and why. If you are looking for a presentation on this topic, contact me at:
Sonja Reece    309-825-2355    sonja@sonjareece.com

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