Jul 09 2016

New Paths

Sometimes you come to a juncture in life that prompts you to make changes. The situation could be one you carefully planned such as a retirement or a move. Perhaps it is one that was a surprise, as was my case with the sudden death of my spouse. Whatever the reason, seize the moment to try a new path. Here are a few of the new directions I’ve been taking.

Try sitting in a different seat in church each time you are there. You may talk with people you have not really known.

Reach out to those who are newly on their own. Just make a call to say I’m thinking of you.

Go alone to whatever intrigues you and, while there, you may make a new friend.

Track down some old friends, perhaps former classmates, and renew acquaintances. Several years ago my husband got a call from a college friend who said he had no time or budget to go on vacation so decided to “visit” old friends by phoning them. He was making a call each evening. It was a delight to get his call and catch up with his life. Today, with the internet, you can find almost anyone. And with many cell phone plans, it is not that expensive to call anywhere in the country.

When you prepare a meal, make enough for two or three people. Then share your food with neighbors who may be alone or unable to cook. That keeps you from overeating, and helps them know they are not forgotten.

What new paths have you taken?

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