Jan 03 2015

Three Reasons to Wear a Red Scarf

It was the day of the Jingle Bells parade and pretty cold out there. I was going to participate with the Normal Town Council. Santa hats were going to be our designated mode of dress that morning. However, I’m not inclined to wear hats as they smash my hair and that’s it for me for the day!

I made a quick survey of my scarf drawer and found a new, very long red scarf. I’m pretty sure I bought it to give as a gift sometime. Always like to have something for a last minute gift. Anyway, that day it was my alternative to the red Santa hat and I wore it around my neck to be color-coordinated with the others.

Since then I’ve loved wearing it.

  1. I can actually find my coat when I go to some event and hang it with the hundreds of other black coats.
  2. It is bright and I think it will help drivers see me walking across the street.
  3. It’s festive and people often comment on it with a smile.

Go get something bright and see what fun you can create.

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