Jan 03 2015

The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is my place. It is close to what I need when I get up in the morning and when I come home at the end of the day. From my spot I can reach the land-line phone, have room for the newspaper, and a bowl/plate of food. I can reach the sink and the microwave with little effort. The TV and radio are both at my beckon call via the remotes for each.

It is where the mail is sorted, and the interesting stuff is actually opened. Some goes quickly to the recycle basket, also by my spot at the kitchen table. It is where the bills are paid (although most are done by the bank these days) and where thank you notes or sympathy cards are written. That is about all the paper correspondence I really do today.

The family room no longer gets used. The few times I have tried to be there I found it didn’t meet my needs. If I sit in the recliner, I immediately fall asleep. It is too passive, and not suited for multi-tasking.

I recently had dinner guests, two couples who are long-time friends. I had expected to serve hors d’oeuvres in the living room. But they all came to the kitchen where the tray of food was ready to go. I asked if they wanted to just sit at the kitchen table and they did. It was easier to reach the cheese and there was a place to put our glasses. It was easier for me to finish the meal without missing the conversation. The guests all helped move the serving dishes to the dining room where the table was all set. After a long, relaxed meal, they cleared the dining table and brought everything back to the kitchen.

I like it when guests seem to enjoy sitting around the kitchen table…my place.

Where is your place?

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